Update 7-May-2011

Our first submission, from CC: Exultation Land 2 Thanks, Chris!

...And the rest of it

Since it's 2011, that means it's the 15-year annivesary of the slackestra (want proof? see here. Also, if you want to hear what I did at 4am one morning after 'bar night' about 10 years ago, click here.) For other random junk (aka "the official slackestra page") Try this.

You're invited to check out the wiki page.

Left: Some "found art." Click to see larger image

Need some background reading or a refresher? Try this page: here and here.

Ted, Chris is on board, but I'm proposing, by way of celebration, a compilation album. I'm trying to get Matt, n8r, and "Cementhead" on board, too. No contribution will be refused.

  • Original or blatantly stolen artwork is accepted.
  • Anonymity is guaranteed, and so is a place on the world's stage. We'll punk myspace with this one. Also, I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy in the radio business, and since they all owe each other favors, we're guaranteed...uh...jack shit.
  • Collaboration is encouraged ("Hey jimbob, can you throw down a guitar solo here in measure 423? kthxbai!") over the innertubes
  • Instrumental, vocal, or neither are accepted.
  • Topics are wide open, but might include the following timeless themes: ramen, cement city, the razing of fry street, denton, slack 'n' slave, the world's last ATM that dispenses $5 bills, flying tomatoes, selling CDs to buy gas, the vato mart, avenue C, cockroaches, the sellout of deep ellum, piggly wiggly, TWU, reubens at randall's, mike the janitor, fire ants, the burning of rick's, shoplifting at voertman's, cheating on the TPE, the silver-haired fox, the texas pickup (in all possible meanings), folding in lab band, my girlfriend shops at moda, corn-kits, "the fake book guy" (remembering certain jazz studies teachers making the announcement "the fake book guy is in town, selling fake books out of his car in the burger king parking on eagle drive..."), the fabled "barbeque truck" that would park just east of downtown on weekend nights selling brisket sandwiches to drunk debutantes....rubber gloves....and every summer, high school cheerleader camp!
  • Proposals are accepted immediately, and the "work" should be ready to debut by 1-June.

    Gratuitous stupid image here: